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"For the love of form— this is why I do what I do.
Words rhythmically trellising down earth-toned paper; a bulbous mug cupped in hands and warming lips; soft glazed surfaces juxtaposing gritty clay textures. Through ceramic, poetic, and mixed media arts I attempt to share my human perspective on relationship with the natural world. "

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"Universal Creativity,
Flow through me,
From my heart
Through my mind to my hand,
Infuse my work with spirit
To feed hungry souls."

~ Alex Grey

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About Shinaid McGillivray


Shinaid, a nature-based artist, studied at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and University of New Brunswick, but ultimately her classroom is in nature. Every sight, sniff, and glimpse of magic found in the natural world is explored. Through ink, watercolour, and clay Shinaid's artwork is formed using sacred patterns, symbolism, and portraits. Shinaid’s intent is to express the importance of honouring our connection within nature and empower the onlooker to enhance their spiritual understandings of ecology.

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Thank you for viewing Shinaid's artist portfolio.

Fredericton, NB. Canada

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